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Case of cough

Hi, I promised I would write a review of your services and it is below.(please feel free to edit it any way you want) Will call soon for another appointment.

all the best

Consultation with Imperial Herbary.

I went to the Imperial Herbary to try to sort out a cough I had for about 6 months which I had been unable to shake off despite anti-biotics from the doctor. My blood pressure, treated for two years by my GP, was still 155/90 (quite high). The consultation surprised me as the focus was not just the cough but addressed the issue of why I could not get rid of it. I was diagnosed as having a poor immune system and bad circulation was also suggested as a contributing factor. The acupuncture treatment consisted of needles and some herbs to use at home. After the first week the cough was very much reduced and was soon gone completely (after 3 treatments). Improved also is the blood pressure which is down to 140/78 (after 5 treatments). My sleep patterns have improved (more sleep and deep sleep for longer - monitored by a Garmin Vivofit) and I am generally in much better health. Thank you so much.

G. Fisher

Case of Trigeminal Neuralgia

Dear Jenny
Just a note to thank you for the excellent treatment I have received from you.   
My GP diagnosed Trigeminal Neuralgia as the cause of bouts of intense and debilitating pain to my face and prescribed an initial  two month supply of anti depressants to try and calm the nerves and reduce the pain.  I was not keen and did not follow this up.
I had however heard of you and you were kind enough to make room in your busy schedule to fit me in at short notice.  After a single session of acupuncture I was amazed that the symptoms had reduced by 95%  and after a second session had virtually cleared up altogether.
Thank you again and my very best wishes
Mark O